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Islamic Civilization and Turkish Nation's Power




Three decades ago, immediately after the collapse of the Soviets, a new "enemy" was declared by the West. The Atlantic axis, which had been ruling the world for centuries, identified a new "threat" rising against its global sovereignty. This was the rising Muslim world and Islam, which was also gaining awareness.

They first imposed anti-terrorism doctrines on all countries. They mobilized all countries against the "Age of Terror." Those who paid careful attention could see that terrorism was not in the slightest as threatening as the Cold War era, but nobody could say anything against this strong political discourse or stand against the storm.

Some Muslim countries took action on behalf of the U.S. and Europe and even joined in on operations targeting “Islamist terrorists” who may pose a threat to the West.

‘Age of Terror,’ ‘Islamic threat’; this is how minds were brainwashed.

Those who declared the “age of terror,” those who defined the “Islamic threat” were also the bosses of terrorism. They were running both the terror and the anti-terror discourse from the same centers.

A security, diplomacy, economy, policy, and intellectual coordination was established for this purpose.

A mentality was formed and billions of people were brainwashed.

The matter was never terrorism. Economic and geopolitical plans were made to redesign and carve up the Muslim world a second time after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Borders were being redrawn in accordance with this, the power structure was being transformed, and new strategic definitions were being coined through them. Almost all Muslim states were being pushed to the front for the West’s global sovereignty.

Sadly, none of the countries that were pushed to the front were aware that this war was in fact against their own countries, their own nations and their own homeland. This is the case, because the power map was shaping thoughts, identity, as well as countries’ perceptions of themselves and the world.

Most were fighting against their own people, gaining the West’s favor and buying power.

September 11, new Crusades, a clash of civilizations

When terrorism last hit New York and Washington – an area which is still ambiguous – it paved the way for a complete invasion. First Afghanistan was invaded, followed by Iraq. Very few Muslim countries were able to raise but meek objections against this.

Minds were under such a siege that those who raised their voices were immediately eliminated. I am saying this as one of those who experienced the unjust treatment faced by journalists who opposed the invasion of Iraq. Even Muslim intelligentsia mobilized for the West’s project in this regard and belittled those who opposed it.

Then U.S. President George W. Bush described the invasions as “the Crusades,” and defined it as a “civilization war.” These definitions had marked the second stage of former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s statement, “The West defeated Communism, and it will be able to take control over Islam as well.”

We fought against the Soviets before 1990, then against ourselves

Before 1990, the Muslim world was positioned against the Soviet Union; following that it stood against the Muslims themselves, Islam, its own people and own homeland.

This was the start of a dark age for those who are informed on political history, the region’s history, the history of ancient cities, the past of the Muslim world, the legacy of Turkey in this region.

Muslim countries were being turned into rubble, cities were being destroyed, nations were being divided into micro-nations and city states, the masses were being stripped of their nationalities, all that is sacred to Islam and Muslims were being tread upon, the pride and identity of nations were being crushed, torture centers were being set up in every country, Muslim youth were being abducted, slave trade was being carried out, and cargo vessels were being turned into prisons in the middle of oceans.

The Crusades of the last three decades

The West, the Atlantic axis, those who have been running the world since the colonial era were relentlessly conducting attacks aimed at banishing Muslims from history in order to establish a new global order.

As they were doing this, they were throwing crumbs in front of Muslims states, Muslim intelligentsia to keep them occupied. They were thus able to determine their rights and wrongs.

This was the biggest attack targeting our region after World War I. I always considered the part of that war, which tore the Ottoman Empire into pieces and which was aimed at us, as a “Crusade war.”

The invasions and destruction that have been ongoing for the last three decades are Crusade wars, because the basis of such comprehensive interventions consist of Islam, Muslims and civilization.

The West had a different plan for Turkey

However, due to global power shifts, the West could no longer continue its war against the Muslim world. They did not give up – they simply slowed down. Turkey has been the country that best understood and measured this power shift and took action accordingly.

Anything else was not possible anyway, because this country had been changing history and the region for centuries.

Hence, they had another plan for Turkey. They were well-informed on its political history, its “regional power.” They were going to carry out intervention after intervention to prevent this country, which they put into a deep sleep a century ago, from waking up. They succeeded too.

No country other than Turkey had the strength to activate the Muslim communities encompassing a vast region from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Therefore, it had to be kept under control, stopped, and prevented.

The “fight against Islam” became the plan to ‘stop Turkey.’ But something unexpected happened!

The “fight against Islam” doctrine was fast turning into the theory to “stop Turkey,” and the plans made for the “fight against Islam” were being transformed to “stop Turkey.” Islamophobia was turned into Turkophobia. The coup attempt on July 15, 2016 was the pinnacle of these interventions.

However, something unexpected happened. Turkey activated a mentality that is led by great speed, determination, bravery, and wisdom.

It first discharged the pro-tutelage circles within. It nationalized the state power domain. It gained a new awareness, understanding and power aimed at all political, social and cultural domains. A social wave was developed in this respect.

This was immediately followed by targeting the areas aimed at sieging Turkey. Their efforts were deactivated one after another; Turkey’s field of influence was expanded. This country was no longer going to be defended from the zero point of Anatolia’s borders. Defense lines were going to be built in the depths of the region.

The Turkey discourse, the Turkey effect, the Turkey axis started to spread across the region waves. It started to become the most powerful political discourse. A Turkey wave was gaining strength from the Persian Gulf to the Caucasus, from the Red Sea to the Aegean.

This was a mental wave established on the continuity of the Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic states. World War I had just ended and the rising period was starting.

This is what Hagia Sophia’s reopening signifies. Erdoğan’s Quran recitation is the declaration of resurrection, rise!

This is what Hagia Sophia’s reversion into a mosque represents. The symbol, the power, the geopolitical mind, the awareness of the political mind are the results of this widespread mobilization.

The West’s plans to exclude Turkey and the Muslim world from history under the name of the “war of civilizations” have collapsed. That war, that destruction was stopped in Turkey – just as the Crusades were stopped in Anatolia.

The Quran recital in Hagia Sophia by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the leader of this idea, this movement, this march, has reversed the West’s plans to silence Islamic civilization, Turkish power, and the wealth of the region for another century.

The civilization they have wanted to destroy is now being resurrected and rising. This is one of the greatest events in political history.

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