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The New wold Administiration and Why is Turkey on a rice?


The New wold Administiration and Why is Turkey on a rice?

As many as 100 corpses were found in two pickup trucks belonging to a funeral home in New York. The corpses of those who died of COVID-19 were revealed after those in the area reported the situation to authorities.

Even this fact alone is enough to raze the U.S. hegemony that spread throughout the world since World War II.

The epidemic hit the whole world but it literally collapsed some countries. Despite all its military, political, and economic power, the U.S., it’s charming image and power experienced a complete smackdown.

The virus originated in China and wreaked havoc in the U.S. The epidemic did not only cause a human disaster but it also wiped out everything that was keeping the U.S. on its feet and powerful.

They have become a ‘third world country.’ Even countries they’ve been mocking haven’t experienced such scenarios

What we are witnessing now are complete “third world country” scenarios. Even the nations, the underdeveloped countries they were mocking did not experience a disaster such as this.

They were rendered desperate. While grappling with helplessness as a nation, the state is facing complete humiliation. Forget the inadequacy of their health system, they are now experiencing the fiasco of perceiving the state solely as a power and organizing its structure in such a way.

They had not faced such casualties even during the Vietnam War.

Death of tens of thousands, Bill Gates’ millions, Google’s chips are going to drive the US to bankruptcy

The U.S.’s technological superiority is formatting itself with respect to monitoring patients rather than overcoming the disease. They are still following the same archaic methods. As this is the case, they have still not grasped the gravity of the situation.

For them, the death of tens of thousands is insignificant compared to how much power Bill Gates and similar individuals and companies will gain, and how much the chips produced by Google and Apple will sell.

They are calculating the amount of money they can make from the epidemic, how much power they can gain, which company’s share will rise and how much. The pharmaceutical companies that will produce the vaccine and medication and the billions of dollars they will earn from doing so is more important to them.

What happened to US that ousted governments, switched regimes, plundered the earth, and declared the ‘New American Century’?

The U.S., that attacked every corner of the world, killed millions, invaded countries, punished every nation that opposed it, that controls almost all terrorist organizations, plundered the world’s resources with an insatiable appetite, that ousted governments and changed regimes, that controlled oceans with its fleets, and at one time attempted to declare the “New American Century” was struck from within, at home.

It is no longer going to have the image of a country capable of leading the world. It is going to be void of the power and credibility to pressure the world. Its “magnificent America” propaganda will not find any buyers. Just as the world’s perception of America is radically changing, the country that failed to protect even its own citizens is going to remain ingrained in memories.

We are witnessing the collapse of an empire.

Why did this happen to Europe? What happened to British arrogance? What happened to colonialist France?

Is Europe in any better position?

The U.K., the empire on which the sun never sets, is similarly helpless. Its arrogance has vanished. Thousands of people dead, a helpless health system, efforts to veil the desperation, and when all fails, a deep silence and withdrawal is prevalent.

France, on the other hand, the country that exploited Africa and Muslim countries, that killed millions and committed genocide, that had aircraft hovering over Libya only a few days ago, can do nothing beyond saying, “Let those who are sick die.” How strange; colonialist countries are paying heavy prices.

September 11 hit the Atlantic axis. The global financial crisis hit them. Is the COVID-19 going to hit them hardest too?

Yes, the virus emerged in China. But why did it hit the U.S. and Europe so hard? Why did it shake Atlantic-axis countries to their cores? These questions are vital, because their answers are indicative of the world of the future.

September 11 hit the Atlantic axis. It hit global finance, military and political symbols. The 2008 economic crisis hit the same countries, the central countries of the global economy. Is the COVID-19 epidemic hitting the countries on the Atlantic axis, the countries that have been ruling the world until now the hardest?

All three events had severe geopolitical outcomes, the effects of which will continue. These three events led to major power shifts and will continue to do so. They are changing power maps, the world’s center and will continue to do so. They are shifting the world’s axis and will continue to do so.

‘End of world for the West after 400 years’

When saying, “It is the end of the world for the West after 400 years,” this is what I am trying express. When saying the West will never be able to dominate the world again, this is what I am trying to convey.

The epidemic is threatening all of humanity; the fight is a joint one. But we have to determine its results and look toward the future. We can no longer believe in the West’s “false world”; we cannot hold onto such an expectation.

We are anticipating serious power rises. We are waiting for certain countries to become stars. The harbingers of this were prevalent long before the epidemic. We know that countries such as Germany, Turkey, Russia, China, and India are going to become more centralized in the global power domain, in economy, and supra-national administrations.

New political wave is Turkey. We are everywhere, from Africa to US, Asia to the Middle East

Turkey is going to create a very powerful political wave. It is going to form a very serious economic wave and build an extremely critical humanitarian one. It is going to make great contributions to the new shaping of the world.

This is not wishful thinking, an emotional expectation, valor, or a fantasy. Everybody who is able to overcome their mental prejudices sees this – or they will see it if they have not yet.

Turkey has been the country to best fight the epidemic. From time to time it abstained from listening to even the World Health Organization (WHO) and applied its own treatment methods. It succeeded.

It became apparent that Turkey is the country with the best health system in the world. It showed magnificent resistance, from its hospitals to its health force, from its respiratory devices to other medical capacities, as well as its social solidarity model.

It sent aid to 60 countries. The U.S. and U.K. included, its aid to almost all European countries are ongoing. Airplanes are taking off one after the other.

Aid is being sent to a majority of Muslim countries, including Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Only yesterday aid was sent to Palestine upon Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s orders.

It displayed a perfect example of solidarity with the Turkic world. The Turkic Council’s joint operation set an example.

Turkish aid was sent to Latin America, African countries as well as numerous Asian countries, and further aid continues to be sent.

Why is Turkey rising? What makes us the world’s liveliest, most energetic country?

Turkey has been the country to most effectively use its soft power. During the most chaotic times of the world, it has proved that its words carry weight and that it has much to do for all of humanity. The world saw this too.

Turkey is currently the world’s liveliest and most energetic country. After the epidemic, it is also the country that will achieve the most surprising rise.

Because Turkey:

1. Is the sole country that can fill in the power void between Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Caucasus. This is what it will lead to.

2. Is going to become one of the world’s biggest supplier countries.

3. Is going to be a role model in the health system. Health tourism is going to skyrocket post-epidemic.

4. Is going to fill the void left by some European countries.

5. Is going to be the country to achieve the most serious power rise not only in terms of soft power or economy but also in the military-security and geopolitical sense.

6. Is no longer likely to be stopped by terrorism, internal conflicts, foreign interventions, or attacks such as the July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempt.

A common political language spanning Atlantic, Pacific coast. Partnership geography extending much beyond even 2023

Turkey is going to develop a common political discourse, objective, concern, and economic partnerships spanning the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

The “anti-Turkey axis” formed in the Arab world is going to have less opportunity to cause harm. It is going to become possible to take steps for a fraternity, a regional partnership from North Africa to Iraq, from Central Asia to South Asia.

The biggest regional equilibrium change after World War I is going to be built by Turkey. Similar to Arab regimes, tutelage administrations are going to weaken at a great rate.

Turkey is going to be the country to use Islamic geopolitics most effectively. As the new world is being built, it is going to centralize both itself and its region.

While all this is happening, a very sharp resistance may be staged “within” one last time.

The epidemic is global and a common problem of humanity. But constant vigilance is necessary in order to correctly determine what will change in the aftermath of the epidemic.

Turkey is already doing this. It is investing and parting the doors of the future. As President Erdoğan said, we are progressing towards a goal “much beyond even our 2023 goals.”


Mr.Abdulkadir ERKAHRAMAN


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