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Will the corona epidemic (COVID-19) break out a world war? Will countries clash? Will it lead to internal conflicts in some countries?

Will it lead to greater global crises that will actually make us yearn for the virus epidemic? Will it lay the foundation of a new global crisis?

Let us look at it from a calm perspective.

The epidemic has badly burst some countries’ balloon. It destroyed their credibility. It revealed their helplessness and incompetence.

It lifted the veil and exposed all their weaknesses.

It showed the whole world that many countries are in fact not all they’re made out to be, not as powerful as believed, that there are extraordinary incapacities underlying all the wealth and pride, that those countries are not as persevering as thought, and that they are even incapable of managing an epidemic crisis.

Virus emanated from China but hit the US hardest

The U.S. is at the top of these examples of helplessness. As a country known to be the world’s best in every area such as technology, security, and capital, it failed to manage the crisis; it could not curb the epidemic and protect its citizens.

The virus originated in China and spread to the world but hit the U.S. hardest as New York became the heart of the virus. It has now become apparent that the U.S., at the top of the world list with more than 20,000 deaths, actually stands for nothing in terms of social solidarity.

People were left helpless in front of the eyes of the entire world. Dire statements continue to come from this country on a daily basis.

Armed civilians in US have hijacking people

Allow me to share a report that we received yesterday:

Citizens in Michigan state took to the streets with their weapons. They protested in front of the parliament building and closed off roads in order to protest the Democrat governor’s curfew.

The demonstrators that called out the slogan, “The economy is killing us, not the virus,” brought forth a new threat in terms of U.S. national security: social division.

The issue is not the epidemic alone. The epidemic is collapsing states, public administrations and social ties. This shows that the countries trying to rule the world are incapable of ruling even their own countries.

The U.S. is experiencing divisions within itself as it is unable to administer the crisis. It is also clashing with China for the same reason. All these are to cover up a deficiency, a weakness.

What happened to the US, Europe that declared themselves ‘Gods on earth’?

France, the U.K., Italy and Spain have also lost their charm. The rich, powerful, developed and role-model country perception has been destroyed. These countries failed to set an example of fighting the virus despite all their means and wealth.

Countries that are much poorer and weaker than they have shown greater success.

Will people not question this? Will the world not question it?

What happened to the U.S. and Europe? What happened to these countries that are “the best at everything” and have been colonizing and ruling the world for centuries, that have been developing, imposing and implementing all sorts of political and economic systems, that would not even tolerate the questioning of the world system they established, that declared themselves as Gods on earth?

Turkey is becoming global a actor. Why did Erdoğan quote, ‘What goes up will come down’?

What is going to happen to these countries from now on? What can they offer the world and humanity?

In what way can they set an example or be a role model? With what skills are they going to stand before humanity and find a way? Is this any longer possible? No, it is not.

The path they have been taking, which they had the world follow, has come to an end.

Asian countries and Turkey are overcoming the epidemic crisis with success. Western media have started to identify Turkey as a “new global actor.” Power changing hands does not happen through great wars alone. It is possible through social changes, through anything that shakes societies and countries as well.

The current virus epidemic has accelerated a change that was already globally ongoing. Plain and simple.

Speaking at the Turkish Council’s “Solidarity in the Fight Against the COVID-19 Epidemic” summit, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan quoted Kutadgu Bilig: “What goes up will come down, what shines will fade and what rises will stop.”

This is the perfect description of Turkey’s current state. This is also the state of the world now.

The taunting has started. Helpless US says, ‘China spread the virus’

The West is being tested. The U.S. is being tested. Europe is being tested. The West’s centuries-old exploitation policies, the new exploitation order plans it prepared for the 21st century are being radically tested. If things continue at this rate, it will be the end of the road for the West.

The U.S. and Europe are trying to hide their helplessness by taunting other countries. EU countries are fuming at the European Union. The U.S. is throwing the blame on international organizations. It is condemning the World Trade Organization.

It is attacking China. The U.S., the U.K. and Israel are claiming that the virus did not emerge in a “wet” market but that it was produced in Wuhan laboratories and spread to the world after one of the workers there was infected. (The source of the claim is Israeli intelligence!) This is a sign that they are going to hold China responsible for all their losses and consequently, that a great battle is going to start.

China: US troops brought it to us. Where is Bill Gates in all this? What’s a corona simulation?

Meanwhile, China is claiming that 300 U.S. troops attended the military parade held in Wuhan on Oct. 18-27, 2019, with participation from 100 countries and that U.S. troops brought the virus to Wuhan in that period.

The Beijing administration is saying that the coronavirus was detected only two weeks after this event. Some circles are even claiming the U.S. troops who went to Wuhan are associated with a U.S. military laboratory in Maryland.

Moreover, they are claiming that a coronavirus simulation sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum was conducted with the participation of the CIA, World Bank and IMF personnel, including a number of pharmaceutical company staff and that the epidemic in Wuhan broke out a couple of weeks after this simulation.

US, Europe: Incompetence, political blackmail, military threats. There is no turning back anymore

Of course, these are all claims, speculations. However, the U.S. and China are inclined to rapidly shift the conflict to this area.

Accusations are going to further intensify. Reciprocal attacks are going to increase as well. Countries are going to try to shift the blame on others. The U.S. and Europe are going to seek a scapegoat to cover their incompetence and helplessness. Legal action is going to be taken. Sanctions are going to be imposed. Trade wars are going to get rougher. Political blackmail, military threats or shows are going to start.

Yet, the U.S. and Europe’s former glory, charm, trust and credit are permanently lost. They are going to be void of the chance to lead the world, set an example and be a model.

The epidemic has buried Western civilization; a legend has come to an end. The world is at a breaking point

The virus epidemic has ended Western civilization’s centuries-old glory, rock-solid position and unparalleled authority.

It brought the end of a legend. Regardless of who they accuse, regardless of what fight they start, all their plans concerning the 21st century have been negated.

The epidemic is launching major discussions. The statement, “The world will never be the same again” is already materializing. Powers are going to rise a lot faster. Turkey is one of these powers.

This is the end of the West’s “magnificent” legacy. Everything is happening right before our eyes, regardless of who objects and to what extent.

U.S. figures for the last 24 hours arrived at the time this article was being written: 4,931 people lost their lives in a single day!

This will cause a world war!


Mr.Abdulkadir ERKAHRAMAN 

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