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Whom did they propel into action?


The operation conducted in Turkey on Dec. 17-25, 2013, was the U.S. and Israeli intelligence’s first intervention in the country through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

It was an attempt to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey with a financial coup. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was also involved.

This was a foreign intervention.

Former attempts have also been made through ethnic and sectarian terrorism, and the Gezi Park events, but they all failed.

Then they decided to carry out their operations not through scattered structures but through more systematic ones.

A single intervention through Turkish, US, European capitals, Israel, Dubai

They mobilized FETÖ, an organization that had deeply infiltrated Turkey, settled in the system’s most confidential positions, and prepared four decades for this task.

This incursion was a multinational intervention. It was one of the last critical interventions of the U.S. and Europe’s unilateral global order, one of the most critical attacks of the plan they launched to stop Turkey.

They were confident, because the operation was being carried out simultaneously through multiple locations such as Turkey, the U.S., Tel Aviv, European capitals, and Dubai. No country could possibly resist this!

Gravest attack after a century. Invasion, war models displayed

When the Dec. 17-25 operation failed, they conducted a suicide attack on July 15, 2016.

They ran the risk of destroying Turkey, burning it down to the ground, declaring as an enemy half of the nation’s population, setting up gallows on the streets, and preparing execution lists.

July 15 was not an intervention; it was the first great attack on this land after World War I, in collaboration with native agents, with regional partners.

Flying warcraft over Istanbul and Ankara, murdering civilians on streets with tanks and bombing the people’s parliament were some of the invasion and war examples displayed.

Going completely beyond Turkey’s coup processes, July 15 was a plan aimed at banishing Turkey from history, and actualizing the “Sevres” map a century later through an open war.

Sanction, calls to ‘intervene in Turkey.’ A new incursion?

This is exactly why Turkey needs to reevaluate the U.S. sanction decision, and the calls to Joe Biden by the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and its partners to “Intervene in Turkey.” Turkey will not be impacted by these sanctions; in fact, everything that these sanctions prohibit Turkey will produce itself.

It is going to turn this into an opportunity. The will aimed at reducing and ending dependency is going to further strengthen. This is a rational outcome.

Thus, the delay in the Hisar-A air defense system was due to an embargo on one of the components. But Turkey ended up manufacturing that component itself. We are going to see more of these efforts. We will receive exciting results.

However, we are obliged to dwell on what the Biden administration is contemplating, the expectations of the “inside front” along with the anniversary of the Dec. 17-25 financial coup.

Certain ‘conservative’ writers are making calls to ‘surrender’!

Such foresight will make it easier for us to guess what Washington is planning, and understand what those in our midst are preparing.

It appears that certain “conservative” writers, who worship the Atlantic and have no worldview other than that of being dependent on U.S. and Europe, have already started to develop an infrastructure for this.

They have started to write articles directly calling on Turkey to “Surrender to the U.S. and let it be done with.”

Such a decision being taken, imposing restrictions in defense, and signaling financial restrictions, are sufficient to leave us wondering whether “the Biden crew has a new Dec. 17-25 operation in mind.”

Danger alert: This time they’re going to try it through political parties

They will try again. They will take action.

Instead of FETÖ, this time they are going to use the front they built within, the CHP and its partners. This is why they are working on developing a widescale solidarity, which includes the CHP, nationalists, conservatives, ethnic separatists, marginal factions, and terrorist organizations.

The Dec. 17-25 and July 15 operations were all carried out through terrorist organizations and similar structures.

The danger this time is that they are going to try it through legitimate political parties.

How were horizontal relations developed, first through terrorist organizations and then parties?

The intervention within the system is going to be leveled up to phase two. FETÖ had first deeply infiltrated the system. They took advantage of that opportunity. Now, they are going to take action directly through democratic institutions.

Hence, they transformed the “opposition” in Turkey into an “intervention front.”

Similar to the horizontal relations established between FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C), this time round, they built the same horizontal relation, the same cooperation between the CHP and the other nationalist, conservative, ethnic separatist parties.

This format particularly requires attention.

US credibility will weaken

If they deign to make such an attempt, it will be a grave calculation error. The U.S.’s credibility, reputation, and power in the region will further atrophy. Turkey is the game-changer of the world’s central region.

Thus, the U.S. and its inside partners are going to diminish even more with every intervention; the U.S. is going to lose the region, and its internal partners will lose what power they have, “exactly like FETÖ.”

Let it be known that while the U.S. is no longer a country that distributes power, Turkey is not open to foreign intervention. Those seeking to intervene in the country and their inside partners are taking position based on the old Turkey and former world conditions.

Dream on.117039285_347680763302585_3541849456098328455_n-026.jpg

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