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What will happen if Trump wins? What if Biden wins?


Take-ingilizce-kart-gulen-resim.jpgoday the United States will be holding the most critical election in its recent history. This election is going to be held during a period in which the world is re-dividing into camps, in which new rising powers have emerged, where the U.S. influence is no longer as strong as it used to be, and the division within the country has taken on a dangerous state.

Current U.S. President Donald Trump emerging victorious from the election in 2016 was a major shock for the established order in America. Since that day, the world has been closely following a conflict between Trump and the established order.

His dismissal was considered a done-deal. As a matter of fact, some even had the audacity to say, “They will not let him live.” Some, on the other hand, were saying that an “American perestroika” would be witnessed during Trump’s term. That is how severe and intense the conflict was.

Internal division in US will grow, conflict to further intensify

The election today, regardless of who wins, is going to further intensify this conflict. The internal division in the U.S. is only going to deepen. It may even lead to mass clashes. Case in point, we have seen more than enough examples of this in the past year.

The world, and the rising powers in particular, want the conflict to deepen and are thus supporting it. This is because global power shifts are largely dependent on this. The increasing rift between the U.S. and Europe, its rapid introversion is, in this sense, an obligation and an act of desperation.

The U.S. continued to lose power during the last three election terms. This loss is prevalent in every field, including politics, the military, and the economy. The voids caused as a result of this loss have been filled by other powers – and will continue to be filled. We are going to continue to see American influence further weaken in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

What polls fail to measure will always produce surprises

Public opinion polls show Joe Biden to be 7 points ahead. However, Hillary Clinton was also ahead of Trump in the 2016 elections. Her election was considered certain and preparations were made accordingly. That is what the polls had said.

Yet, there is something that the polls fail to calculate: Social trends on a global scale. This is always a factor that produces surprises. It is not only states that are becoming rigid but also societies. This rings true for the whole world, and is not specific to the U.S. alone.

Societies’ security, protection reflexes gain prominence. Security is prioritized over freedom. Crisis psychology and its management play a greater role in determining preferences. It appears that these expectations will have a greater impact on the U.S. public’s preferences in today’s elections.

Political clichés, new trends?

In this case, the polls in the U.S. do not provide correct analyses. The fact that these groups have high advertising and media power does not perfectly overlap with social trends. Political clichés are dimming minds with respect to perceiving new trends.

Trump’s “Let’s make America great again” discourse may bring about more effective results for the U.S. people than freedoms. Global trends, stress build-up, the social trends in the U.S. are increasing Trump’s chances. They strengthen his likelihood of winning.

What will happen if Trump wins? Erdoğan, Putin-model strong leadership

The conflict within the system will further escalate. The established institutes’ resistance against Trump will lose great strength. The U.S. president will start exacting revenge from all these institutions. He will crush them like a bulldozer.

This means that we will be witnessing an era in the U.S. marked by strong leadership – like the example of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin – the prominence of a strong leader instead of the established order. That is when we will see the U.S. system is questioned, transformed, obliterated, and neutralized.

The results will be the same regardless of whether Trump or Biden wins. We are going to see the internal rift in the U.S. deepen, the area of social tensions and conflict further expand, and the U.S.’s global influence domain further downsize.

What effect will the outcome of the US election have on Turkey?

This is no longer a matter of debate. Turkey is no longer a country that is directly affected by the U.S. elections. The days when it was possible to designate the ruling power, topple a government, and format Turkey’s internal political priorities with an order from Washington are long gone.

Turkey is on a rising streak that continues to shock the west. It has become one of the new superpowers. We are no longer going to discuss what the U.S. elections will mean for Turkey, but what it will mean for the U.S.

However, Biden is yet to realize this. He is speaking with the clichés of the old world. In fact, this is the exact reason underlying the conflict within the U.S. Biden represents the reflexes and priorities of the established order. Hence, it is highly likely that he will lose the elections – because this is exactly where the source of the problem lies.

Is Biden going to oust Erdoğan! Our guys are waiting on tenterhooks…

Biden further revealed his blindness and gave himself away with that scandal statement he made concerning Turkey. He said, “We are going to support opposition leaders in order to oust Erdoğan.”

He still thinks the old order is in place. He is going to be in for quite a surprise regarding this matter. However, more so than Biden, it is the political opposition in Turkey that is acting according to those clichés.

They pinned all their hopes onto Biden’s election. He is going to be the U.S. president. He is going to support and strengthen, and bring order to the opposition in Turkey. Hand in hand, they are going to topple Erdoğan!

We are going to say, ‘Turkey’s political opposition was set up in the US.’ They’re going to be terribly disappointed

This is their plan; this is what they revealed. They have no other political plan or project up their sleeves; they have nothing to say or offer that will add value to Turkey. This is a complete collapse, a complete exhaustion. They attempted a military coup on July 15, 2016. What is going to happen now if Biden is elected? Are they going to carry out a political coup?

What a shame. Then we are going to say that you and those designing Turkey’s opposition through Biden’s candidacy are all part of the same project. Then we are going to say that Turkey’s political opposition was set up in the U.S.

We are going to say that Biden’s theory to “stop Turkey,” and those within “united under a single roof to stop Turkey.”

What will happen if Biden fails to win? What political theory will keep them going? With what hope and from whom are they going to plead help? The world does not stop where they are standing. The great change will continue to surprise them. They may be terribly disappointed.

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