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Turkey is a global game-changer! It is a playmaker in the region. A pin cannot be dropped in the region without considering the “Turkey effect.”

The meaning behind the statement, “No game can be played in the Mediterranean without Turkey,” is that it is impossible to set any game in the region if Turkey is excluded. Sometime later, we are going to hear this truth much beyond the borders of our nearby region.

The ‘Italo-Turkish War’ was won a century later

Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj paid a visit to Ankara yesterday to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It was at this moment that the Turkey-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) forces took control over Tripoli International Airport. Libya’s capital Tripoli is now free of all threats. Khalifa Haftar and the powers supporting him no longer have any opportunity to establish a foothold in western Libya.

Turkey rescued Libya. It rescued it from the hungry wolves, from pillaging, looting, terrorism, and from being divided into devastation. It completed the Italo-Turkish War it lost in 1911-12 today.

The UAE, France lost. Did Russia change direction?

It was not only terror baron Haftar’s back that was broken in south Tripoli yesterday but also that of France, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These countries’ plans and attempts to invade Libya failed. We are going to witness similar results, step by step, towards the country’s east as well.

President Erdoğan had said, “Those questioning Turkey’s presence in Libya will very soon see what business we have there.” 

One day before Sarraj’s arrival, Libya’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Taher Siyala and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq were in Russian capital Moscow. After these meetings, Russia signaled that its “aim in Libya is to be included in oil projects.”

In other words, Moscow has lost hope in Haftar and is now starting to meet with the GNA. So, Turkey is not only managing the military situation in Libya but using its diplomatic prowess as well.

They’re all going to ask for Turkey’s support

While Sarraj was in Ankara, Haftar was in Cairo. However, Egypt, the UAE, and France will never again have the opportunity to tip the scales. Both international diplomacy and the military situation changed in favor of Libya and Turkey.

Haftar no affords hope to even those who protected him. Soon, many countries are going to ask for Turkey’s support to sit at the table with the Sarraj government. Such that one day even France might request help from Ankara to meet with the Libyan government.

The Mediterranean alliance collapsed in the face of the ‘Turkey axis’

The game planned by those seeking to confine Turkey at the zero point of the shores in the East Mediterranean, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean was spoiled in Libya, in the far west of the Mediterranean. The energy projects of those who excluded our country from all the plans in the Mediterranean collapsed. The Mediterranean alliance that was formed against our country collapsed.

I have long been talking about a power rise called the “Turkey axis.” I have been making efforts to analyze and discuss it in every aspect and draw attention to it. I have been pointing to a great transformation that can be blatantly seen by those who closely monitor the world.

I have been talking about how a tremor in the global power map is lending weight to Turkey, how it transforms itself and its surroundings, how this change and reconstruction overlaps with the change in the world, and how it has settled on a realistic ground.

I have been trying to explain a country’s return to its historical claims and the region, its power construction which resumed a century later, and the regional and global tremors caused by it.

This was the reason underlying global attacks against Erdoğan

It all started with the historical and geographical legacy resurfacing in the present. It started with this country’s leadership. It started with the firm belief, stance, and determination of that leadership.

They immediately grasped this; they saw it and took action.

The efforts to stop President Erdoğan through the coup attempts targeting him, the psychological operations, attacks similar to July 15, the establishment of an opposition front within, and plans to leave him isolated were all for this reason.

They knew the zeniths Turkey would reach. They knew the heights Erdoğan would carry Turkey to. They knew Erdoğan would be the leader of a great historic milestone.

They failed, their plans went down the drain

Such a strong anti-Erdoğan alliance within the country, in the region and globally (especially in the U.S. and Europe) was the biggest front established against Turkey and this was the aim it was seeking to achieve.

This was the reason why the slogan, “If we stop Erdoğan, we can stop Turkey,” was formed. The organizations and formations in the country and region and were adjusted accordingly. But it did not work, they were unable to do it, they failed. One by one, all of their plans went down the drain.

Turkey'sconfidence is now perceived across the entire region

It continued with a gradual systemic transformation, a step-by-step economic transformation, a step-by-step awareness transformation, the step-by-step construction of a great confidence. That self-confidence was first sensed in Turkey, then in Europe. Everybody who felt a sense of belonging to this country learned to walk with their heads up high.

That self-confidence has nowadays turned into power in Turkey, on its borders, in nearby regions, and in far regions like North Africa. The power and self-confidence we built for ourselves has become a common power and an assurance for our neighbors, sister countries, and friends as well.

Turkey now represents the region

We are going to continue on this path. Turkey’s climb is going to continue. The dynamics of history and the region have already changed trajectory. Foreign powers are no longer going to be able to draw maps on their own.

Let them build as many regional fronts as they wish, let them establish as many internal alliances as they wish, let them make as many intervention plans as they like, the political gene is back. Turkey now represents the region. It is the mind, the memory and wisdom of centuries.

Whoever stands against this history-making role is destined to lose. They will be defeated, whether they are in the country or the region. Anyone who sets store on colonial remnant regimes is going to face defeat.

Message from Presidential Complex: The Turkey axis is the strongest political wave

Anyone who closely monitors the region, the East, the West, the U.S. and Europe, will see how firmly Turkey’s power climb will develop. Thus, those who support the “Turkey axis” are going to win. They are going to take their place in the right pages of history.

The message sent from the Presidential Complex and Tripoli yesterday is telling the world something.

This message is going to become stronger by the day.

This message is going to become the strongest political wave.

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