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We succeeded.


It is the prayers and supplications of the oppressed that keep us standing. As our armed forces, our state mind, our political discourse, our regional stance, our game-changer role is being equipped with a new force that is as effective as – or even more effective than – them all, we have something brand new to present to this new era.

We are becoming the voice of the needy, the unprotected, the homeless, those stuck in the middle, and those who are chosen as victims. We are becoming their voice, hand, and heart. We are becoming their cry and call to humanity. As much as their call to mercy, we are becoming their fury, objection, and clenched fists.

In an age which every corner of the world is shattering, humanity is spiraling off a steep cliff, an age which massacres are becoming the norm, countries are falling apart, nations are dividing and attacking one another, an age which countries are competing in mass slaughters for the sake of resources, we are going to uphold the honor and value of what it means to be human.

Country with compassionate arms wide open, nation with heart open: This is the most powerful political wave

We are going to be a nation, a state, a compassion army that does everything in its power for the wellbeing of people on earth, overcoming all differences of identity, regardless of their country or nationality. 

Turkey is the sole state, the sole country that is striving with its compassionate state, merciful people, its volunteers spread across the earth like working bees to reach out to everyone who is oppressed or struggling with a difficulty. This wave of compassion spreading from Africa’s deserts to Asia’s rainforests, from the Middle East’s streets to the Himalayan plateaus, from within Europe to the coast of oceans is going to form a much powerful wave for the 21st century than the most powerful political discourse.

We’re going to travel through our region, leave no stone unturned, for all our children buried in Mediterranean

We are going to be shelter, bread and water, and hope for Syria’s homeless, for Arakan’s unprotected, for Africa’s helpless, for the Muslim minorities that are facing extinction.

We will never allow the children buried in the Mediterranean, the ancient cities that are now in ruins to be forgotten; we are going to pass down their stories from generation to generation. We are going to continue to lead this humanitarian mobilization, which is more powerful than all those who rely on their arms, wealth, alliances, oil, and nuclear power, and launch the age of compassion.

In spite of those who say, “War is going to settle in the heart of Islam,” “All Islamic borders will be stained in blood,” in spite of the attacks of those dividing our countries, cities, streets, ideologies, we are going to be present in both Syria and Libya; we are going to travel through the whole Muslim region, leaving no home or street neglected.

This is a joint will, a strengthening joy beyond continents

And when the time comes, we will see the vastness and strength of Turkey’s region of compassion, the establishment of an invisible partnership, the great compassion operation evolve into a joint will beyond continents.

I had written this article in October 2017. I have been relentlessly striving for years, with great confidence in Turkey, looking at the whole world, to explain this joy.

Walls have been erected around our country. Efforts have been made to surround us from the south, from the Mediterranean, the Aegean, and the Balkans. Attempts were made to exclude us from wherever we have presence. New preparations have been made in aims to drive us out of Anatolia. “Stopping Turkey” became an international project.

Let’s accept it, there’s an inside invasion front in Turkey. 

In order to achieve this purpose, the biggest front was established within; an “inside invasion operation” was designed. Let us stop denying and accept that there is a native invasion circle in this country. Groups and organizations that would normally never come together gathered under a single umbrella, regardless of their political identities.

A tutelage alliance was established. Terrorist organizations and political parties, those receiving instructions from Western capitals were going to stop Turkey from within.

As if this was not enough, they established an anti-Turkey front comprised of Muslim countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Those who collapsed the Ottoman Empire in World War I are now in pursuit of collapsing Turkey. Those who were against the Ottoman Empire and on the invasion front a century ago are now, once more, taking their position on the anti-Turkey front.

We did not give up, we believed! Turkey surprise just starting!

Turkey was alone in the world. The fury of a thousand years was dropped in front of it. While providing solutions to everybody’s problem in the region, it was left all on its own. Multinational alliances were established, interventions were made to ensure our defeat in Syria, in Libya, in the Mediterranean and in the Aegean. Everything possible was done to leave it weak and helpless.

But we did not give up. Because we believed. We believed that history would take a turn. That day would come. We had faith. And it did. Turkey’s real surprise is just starting.

Country envied by world

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the world. Many countries surrendered, wealthy countries became helpless. Countries known to rule the world, the U.S. and Europe are writhing in desperation; they could not prevent tens of thousands of people from dying. They could not hide their incompetence in terms of even providing the most basic healthcare system.

Yet Turkey turned the region of compassion into a power, a partnership, and solidarity. It became the worlds most successful, most competent country during the pandemic. It became the envy of the world with its healthcare system, treatment method, social mobilization, and the coordination of institutions.

9459d530-23f0-4dfc-936a-e6c33b428e69.jpeg We ran to the world’s aid.

We succeeded while the entire West was left stranded. Those manipulating us, drawing paths for us, wanting to control us, the pro-tutelage groups were left helpless. We succeeded and we even ran to their aid. We reached everywhere from the U.S. to Europe, from Asia to Latin America. We were, of course, going to help those with whom we have affinity, our identity region, but we also ran to the rescue of those who have been patronizing us for the last century.

‘Turkey axis’ now covers whole region. This is reason behind anti-Erdoğan sentiment, betrayal.

Turkey is making a change. It is building something brand new. It is giving a sneak peak of a miraculous rise post epidemic. Those who are capable of understanding this will have their place in the country’s future. Those who are unable to comprehend will be lost and forgotten.

Everybody who has carried this country to its current state is sacred. The sole reason underlying the outside fury and inside betrayal against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the fact that he launched the new rising era.

This intolerance, nonacceptance cannot be concealed with other reasons. There is no cover that can hide your betrayal. Sieging from outside and building fronts within will not work anymore either.

Also, the “national axis” is no longer confined to Turkey; it has become a regional axis.

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