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Urgent measures required!


Presidential elections were held last week in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Cypriots will head to the polls again for a second round today to determine the most critical decision in the history of the TRNC: The TRNC is either going to declare its loyalty to Turkey or burn its bridges with it!

Unfortunately, the second option seems to be more likely. Current President Mustafa Akıncı, who received 29.60 percent of the votes and wants part of TRNC territory to be given to the Greek Cypriots, and Republican Turkish Party (CTP) leader Tufan Erhüman, who received about 22 percent of votes and advocates a federation with the Cypriot Greeks, are going to establish an alliance. Erhüman stated he will be supporting Akıncı in the second round.

In this case, Akıncı’s election victory seems certain. We may lose Cyprus unless Turkey takes urgent measures.

Are we aware that for decades we, as the Republic of Turkey, have been following short-sighted and useless Cyprus policies that will endanger both Turkey’s and Cyprus’ future?

It seems that the shape that future decades will take are going to be determined by Cyprus and the events in its vicinity!

However, are we aware that the developments taking place in Cyprus are one-by-one lining up the events which will result in Cyprus “completely slipping through our fingers”?

We are losing Cyprus people, let us see this already!


For almost two years now, a formation named UniteCyprusNow is carrying out activities that will endanger both the TRNC and Turkey’s security.

The Kıbrıs Postası (Cyprus Post) newspaper published an article on Jan. 25, 2018, about this formation. Here is a long quote from this article that will send chills down your spine:

“The Unite Cyprus Now Group called on all Cypriots to join them at the Lendra/Lokmacı crossing at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, and raise their voices against radicalism and division.

The group’s written statement says one of the most saddening manifestations of radicalism was experienced yesterday. Attention was drawn to a group that attacked an Africa newspaper and its journalists, causing harm. It was said they climbed to the roof of the parliament and raised a flag belonging to one of the tribes of the Ottoman Empire.

The statement that pointed out President Mustafa Akıncı encountered a verbal attack, while CTP Deputy Deoğuş Derya encountered a both verbal and physical attack as she was taking oath, added the following:

‘What happened yesterday is the result of division. In the event that this division continues, the Green Line is increasingly going to turn into a border with Turkey, further increasing Turkey’s influence in Cyprus. Population flow into the island is going to continue uncontrollably, and the conditions and tensions in Turkey will reflect on the Island.

‘Radicalism will increase in both communities, threatening our chances of establishing a common, stable, secure, prosperous future for new generations that is based on the rule of law, democracy, tolerance, human rights, and peaceful coexistence.

‘A federal solution alone will render Cyprus secure and independent in the true sense, while ensuring the rule of law. The assumption that the status quo is safe and sustainable in our region, which is rife with wars, conflicts, and terrorism, is a dangerous mistake.’”


I had chills when reading the statement in this article.

There are Turks in Cyprus who want Turkey to withdraw from Cyprus! The president says that we should give TRNC land to the Greek Cypriots!

Truly unbelievable!

The sole strength that will ensure Cyprus remains with us is the awareness of a common civilization, culture and history. Without this awareness of a common civilization, culture and history, Cyprus will sooner or later slip through our fingers – even if we have complete control over Cyprus.

This is our current state. We have military presence in Cyprus, but no cultural presence. Let it be known that we have lost Cyprus culturally.

Thus, in order to win Cyrus again culturally, we need to develop an awareness of a common civilization, culture and history, and boost the economic and social welfare level of our brethren in the TRNC above that of the Greek Cypriots.

Thus, it is clear that Cyprus – which we already lost culturally – may slip through our finger with the imperialists’ fait accompli, and that the people in TRNC will not object to this, and in fact, they will even start to demand this.

You can now read the article published in the Kıbrıs Postası newspaper through this lens.

In brief: First, they are going to ensure that Turkey is distanced from Cyprus – which we already did with our own hands. Cyprus is culturally closer, not to us but to the Greeks. If there is anybody who says Turkey has cultural presence in Cyprus, then “good luck” to them.

Second, imperialists are going to shape their future half-century and century-long strategies through Cyprus! They are going to attack us from Cyprus!

We are culturally losing Cyprus!

If we do not want to lose it physically soon – which will result in Turkey’s division, God forbid – we must urgently take the necessary measures before it is too late.119074118_380175060053155_8401632165124493437_n-(1)-001.jpg

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