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Turkey makes a strong impression.


Turkey makes a strong impression.

The whole world is fighting against the most dangerous epidemic of human history. Hundreds of thousands of people are grappling with the COVID-19 epidemic. Thousands of people have lost their lives.

The Kaaba has been closed off to circumambulation for the first time; mosques, places of worship have been shut down; congregational acts of worship have been stopped.

The Muslim world is fasting and emotionally very fragile.

Non-Muslim countries, administrations, and leaders are paying tribute to Ramadan.

Prime Ministers are allowing Quran recitations due to the corona epidemic. The Muslim call to prayer (adhan) is rising from European cities.

These lowlifes, instead, are attacking, cursing Islam, Muslims

These lowlifes, on the other hand, are attacking and insulting people’s religion, faith during this most difficult time of humanity.

The communique issued by the Ankara Bar Office is one of the most excessive forms of attack we have ever seen in Europe until now.

It is no different from what the Israeli far-right, U.S. neo-cons and European far-right have done.

It is an example of Islamophobia in the complete sense.

The Turkey front of ‘war against Islam’

This communique exposes the “Turkey front” of the “war against Islam” that the U.S. and Israel’s far-right have been carrying on for the last three decades. It reveals how deep, how sly, and how widespread the front established in this country is.

The content of that communique has clearly shown the magnitude of their anti-Turkey, anti-Islam, anti-Muslim sentiment and what they are capable of doing at the first opportunity that arises, regardless of what happens to the world or Turkey.

Their hostility against Islam is the same as those running the Abu Ghraib prison. That’s how deviant they are

This is due to the fact that those spreading this hostility killed hundreds of billions of people worldwide. They carried out mass slaughters, occupied countries, broke out civil wars. Mass slaughters are being carried out, Muslim countries and cities are being destroyed for the last three decades because of this hostility.

The language used by the Ankara Bar Office matches their discourse. They are from the same origin, same front. Their origins are the same as those religiously torture in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison and other similar locations.

They share the same origins with those who tortured hundreds of people to death in Kandahar for being Muslim. They are on the same front as those who abducted Muslims and killed them in the ocean in the torture centers they established on ships.

Their hostility was the same. Their lingo was the same. Their view of Muslims is as deviant as theirs.

Are those involved in ‘Muslim genocide’ for last 30 years covening at the Ankara Bar Office?

The Muslims of this country, all institutions, social groups, foundations, associations, religious group members, everybody who cannot condone such an open attack on the members of that religion are obliged to file thousands, tens of thousands of libel lawsuits and claim damages against the Ankara Bar Office, the bar administration, those who instructed the issuance of that bulletin, and those who penned it.

A never-before-seen social reaction is essential. It appears that those who have been involved in “Muslim genocide” worldwide for the last three decades have convened at the Ankara Bar Office as well.

Religous polemic, a political plan

Religious Affairs President Prof. Ali Erbaş stated Islam’s ruling. This is both his right and obligation. Accordingly, those targeting Erbaş are clearly targeting Islam.

Their deal is clearly to settle scores with Islam. 

This is an effort to break out a political fight over a religious polemic. It is an attempt at ingraining the Turkey leg of the world’s Islamophobia project. It is an effort to build an “internal front” and be tasked in relation to this.

Turkey makes a strong impression. They’re creating ‘internal obscuration,’planning sly provocations

Turkey has gained incredible popularity worldwide during the current COVID-19 epidemic. It has become an exemplary country in the eyes of the world with its efforts in the fight against the epidemic, reaching out a helping hand to the world.

Organizations such as the Turkish Medical Association and Ankara Bar Office could not accept all this. Since they loathe Turkey, they are perturbed by its power and the increasing penchant for Turkey worldwide.

Hence, they are making the most dangerous statements to attack us in the most problematic areas in efforts to create internal obscuration. They are producing artificial tensions in the area of religion where social sensitivity is great.

This is a cunningly prepared provocation. Yet, calling it a provocation and keeping silent is even more dangerous. Heedlessness and animosity must also be prevented from spreading to such an extent.

These people should be held accountable. They must be reminded that they have limits, that they cannot attack the people they oppose, or their beliefs and values in such a manner.

They’re going crazy. They lost their balance, sanity. It’s out of the question!

Nobody can curse and insult people’s religion, their beliefs under the name of “freedom of expression.” There is no such freedom of expression and cannot be.

They no longer have anything left to say. Their breathing space has been narrowed down; they are stuck in a corner. Turkey is on a path completely contrary to their desires; it is rapidly gaining strength and rising. It is becoming a global actor.

They are going crazy. Having lost their balance and sanity, they are attacking left and right. They are making their craziest attacks and self-destructing.

That bulletin is no different to Denmark’s cartoon contest

That communique is no different from the 12 cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

The same fury, the same hatred, the same evil.

They hate Turkey and Muslims so much that, as the corona epidemic wreaked havoc on the world, they did not provide the least support as Turkey was struggling with all its might.

They constantly spread animosity and evil, let alone provide support. They tried to demoralize us and did everything in their power to ensure Turkey’s defeat in the face of the epidemic.

They waited for Turkey’s death toll to reach hundreds of thousands.

According to them, hundreds of thousands of people should have died. This is what they anticipated. They made political plans even through the epidemic, helplessness, disease, and death.

The world applauded Turkey. Our people united. Emotional solidarity spread throughout the whole country. Yet, they continued to sow seeds of hostility.

Turkey reaching its citizens wherever they may be in the world, rushing to the aid of people when it hears their cries, sending an air ambulance for one citizen and bringing them to the homeland devastates them.

They are constantly raging with hatred, fury, jealousy, and a sense of evil.

That communique will never be forgotten. The time will come when they will eat their words!

We are experiencing a major epidemic. There is an organization called the “Turkish Medical Association.” What did it do? What did it do other than cause disorder and corruption? Please, remove “Turkish” from the name of this institute because they have no characteristic relating to Turkey.

That communique the Ankara Bar Office issued will never be forgotten. This nation, this country is going to make them eat those words. Those who prepared and published that communique, these words are going to stick with you for as long as you live.

You are going to see that cursing and insulting the people is no privilege.

Turkey must be rid of such “tutelage remnant” institutes at once. Their privileges must be taken away. Millions do not have to swallow their insults and attacks.

Spit in their faces on streets, everywhere you see them

I repeat: file thousands, tens of thousands of libel lawsuits and claim damages against the Ankara Bar Office administration, those who instructed the issuance of that communique, those who penned and published it.

Those who wrote and published this communique must be prosecuted for terrorism, organized crime, provoking the people, division, attacking beliefs, and for attempting to cause public unrest.

Their attorney licenses should also be revoked because they do not deserve this country.

If none of this happens and they freely continue with their affairs, spit in their faces on the streets, wherever you see them.

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