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This is not an opposition movement.


The man who said that the “Turkish army has been sold,” is speaking as the mouthpiece for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group. It is speaking as the representative of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front’s (DHKP-C). He is speaking as the mouthpiece of those opening fronts against “Turkey’s axis,” those attacking Turkey. He is speaking as an extension of the coup tradition.

The man who said the “Turkish army was sold,” is speaking as the mouthpiece of military tutelage. He is speaking as the mouthpiece of U.S. tutelage. He is speaking as the representative for Europe. He is speaking as the spokesperson of the West’s colonial mentality, tradition, and the brutality they put nations through.

The man who says, ‘The Turkish army was sold,’ cannot digest the end of terrorism, successive victories

The man who said, “The Turkish army was sold,” will not ever belong to the essence of this country. In no way does he share this nation’s genes. In no way is he a part of this nation’s political history. He never got his share of Anatolian wisdom, emotion, or ideals.

The man who said, “The Turkish army was sold,” is standing against Turkey in the East Mediterranean. He is standing against Turkey in the fight the country is putting up in northern Syria, in Afrin, in al-Bab, in the security operations in Iraq, in the struggle put up to ensure the security of our southern border.

The man who said, “The Turkish army was sold,” cannot digest the Karabakh victory; he cannot stomach the natural discovere find in the Black Sea; he cannot stand the eradication of terrorists who carried out civilian massacres in our cities. He cannot be proud of the fight against the whole Western world in the East Mediterranean; he is unable to be happy for Turkey’s success.

They were on Armenia’s side in Karabakh, on Haftar’s side in Libya, on PKK’s side in Syria, and on Greece’s side in the Aegean

Such people turn Armenian in Karabakh, Greek in the Aegean, French in the Mediterranean, American in the Middle East, Israeli in Palestine, into Khalifa Haftar in Libya, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, and the PKK in Iraq.

Such people are the assassins of the “front,” which shifted from the opposition identity to the “native invader” identity. They are U.S. and European apparatuses, who are trying to re-establish the tutelage order.

They are the inside extensions of the plan to “stop Turkey,” which is one of the West’s biggest projects for the 21st century. Hence, they have always opposed the fight against terrorism, the operations in Syria, the Libya intervention, and the struggle for liberation in Karabakh. On each of these fronts, they positioned themselves alongside whoever stands against Turkey.

They feel no shame in openly calling for a foreign intervention!

There is no doubt that they secretly applauded Germany for raiding the Turkish vessel headed toward Libya in the Mediterranean. They must be impatiently and hopefully anticipating the EU’s decision to “impose sanctions on Turkey.”

Those who are openly calling on the U.S. and the EU to “intervene in Turkey,” are in a despicable expectation, have pinned all their hopes on foreign interventions, and are able to say, “Let Turkey be divided if necessary, but an intervention is necessary.”

They have never identified with Turkey. They have never identified with Anatolia. They have never identified with the Seljuks or the Ottomans. They have never been a part of the political legacy which has designed the region for centuries.

They are the ones who are striving to stop Turkey from the inside to prevent it from rising back up on its feet after a century. While the U.S.-Europe axis is sieging us from the south and the West, with Israel and a few Arab countries on their side, they have been tasked to siege from within.

We saw those who sold themselves on July 15. It’s obvious, you are calling them again

The man who said, “The Turkish army was sold,” is not just one person. This statement is not the foolishness, the imprudence, or ignorance of one individual. This is a new political movement, a networking, the alliance and organization of an extremely dangerous movement.

They want an army that stages coups in the name of the U.S., that carries out postmodern coups on behalf of Israel, that fights with its people instead of the people’s army that is in solidarity and cooperation with its nation, that runs from one front to another for Turkey.

They want an army that shoots the people like on July 15, 2016, that bombs the Parliament, that attacks Turkey for the U.S. and Israel. They want to hand over Turkey’s control to the Atlantic axis through such a military and make Turkey kneel once more. They were enraged about the project’s destruction just as the West was about to carve up Turkey.

You never said it was ‘sold’ when we were going to Korea

They never said the Turkish army was sold when it was going to Korea. They never said it was sold while it was protecting Europe’s security on behalf of NATO. They never said it was sold when it was ensuring Israel’s security in the whole region. They never said it was sold when it was making tank deals, arms deals with Israel.

But as soon as that army returned to its own basin and launched a great struggle to make Turkey rise, they started to say the “army was sold.” They started to make hateful statements concerning the last great national struggle ahead of 2023.

Turkey prevented an invasion in Qatar

Now it has been “sold to Qatar.” Is that so?! They have no idea about what happened on that day and night. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) wanted to topple Qatar’s emir on June 5, 2017, and replace him with his nephew in London. The two countries’ troops had already entered Qatari territory through the border. Turkey took the palace under protection and protected the emir and his administration. The UAE-Saudi coup went down the drain. As a matter of fact, a country was saved from invasion.

But this means nothing to them. They are fighting against Turkey. For them, everything is used to serve this purpose. Their showdown is with this country. They have not a care about who invaded whom in the world, how effective Turkey has been, what it has prevented, what sort of archaic problems it resolved, or the attacks against Turkey it stopped.

Post-FETÖ formation: Not an opposition movement but the development of an intervention

The alliance established within following the last major attack perpetrated through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was designed to repeat the failed invasion and intervention attempt. This organization is being supported to the utmost extent. A major operation is being carried out through political networking, media networking, and the poisoning of social memory.

I repeat: 119074118_380175060053155_8401632165124493437_n-(1)-009.jpg It is the formation of an intervention. The man who said, “The Turkish army was sold,” is repeating the words of this intervention formation.

Opposition party became inside power group of foreign intervention, a shelter for terrorists

Turkey’s founding party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), has been turned into the main umbrella of all these formations. It was detached from Turkey’s axis and turned into the main base of this intervention front. It even became a shelter, a power group for terrorist organizations. In this state, the CHP is a primary “national security problem” for Turkey.

But “Turkey’s axis” has already been established. It is becoming increasingly stronger by the day and will continue to do so. The U.S. could not stop this axis. Europe could not stop it. Israel could not stop it. They mobilized all terrorist organizations and still failed to stop it. You will not be able to stop it either.

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