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They cannot possibly resist this storm.


The global geopolitical effects of the coronavirus pandemic are yet to hit the surface. 

Those who think that this is nothing but a health issue, that it is solely transforming sociology, that it is a vaccine/medication problem, that it is simply granting us new habits and changing our lifestyle will be mistaken. 

The pandemic is going to lead to extremely shattering power slides, activity on the economic/geopolitical axis, and cause the East-West power map to drastically shake, leading to actual changes on the map.


 Those striving to maintain ‘old world’, those formatting ‘new world’. This conflict will be witnessed in every country. 


It is highly likely that the Atlantic-based global power structure developed by the U.S. and Europe will never happen again. It will never again have the opportunity to shape and format the world. 

We will witness resources, markets, trade corridors, the economy/finance system, military and civil technology and, in relation to all this, political power rises change hands in a very short period of time. 

There will be a showdown between those fighting to maintain the “old world,” and those wanting to format the “new world.” This showdown will take place in every country, every society, every region, and in the highest power echelons. It will take place in the U.S., in Russia, in Turkey, and in Europe. 

This showdown, conflict, competition, which we are sensing in all countries, regions and at the East-West intersection, is perhaps going to be felt most severely in our minds, our social memory, in our claims and ideals. 



Western world order collapsed. Powerful civilizations returning with new claims. 


The Western world order’s end has already been declared. The vast majority of the world – from Asia to Latin America, from Africa to South Asia – no longer wants a U.S.-centered or Eurocentric world. There is a rising objection in this sense, and the voice of these objections is getting louder with every passing day.


The Western lifestyle has no more charm. Western culture has lost the power to influence great masses. The foundation of Western communication is broken. Ancient civilizations, the powerful civilizations, cultures, opinions and experiences of the earth have taken to the stage with fresh discourse and claims. 



Who will be founding countries of new era? 


Western sovereignty in rapidly losing its grips over the fields of production, consumption, market, logistics maps, diplomacy, security theories and reliability. All nations and countries are in head-spinning search in relation to this new period. 

Some are trying to exist through former models, some are trying to take position and determine new relations and security fields in accordance with the way the world is changing. Some are competing to read this transformation mentally, while others are competing to be one of the leading countries in this transformation. 

Some, like Turkey, are taking all risks to be among the founding countries of the new era, taking firms steps and determining great objectives. But every country is on a quest, and this is going to be the most determining will of the post-coronavirus world. 




What will be the world’s new areas of conflict? 


Thus, geopolitical fault lines have activated. It will not be long before they break. Breaks mean conflict. We are receiving signals of this conflict in all the regions and countries along the East and West borderlines.   

The Baltics, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Arabian Peninsula, Persian Gulf are areas where the East and the West’s power showdown is at its most severe. 

The Asia-Pacific region, the Malaysia-Indonesia-Philippines line, the Strait of Malacca, which controls the East-West logistics routes, are the Southeast Asia borders of this conflict. 



From Fergana Valley to Istanbul’s Bosporus 


The conflict between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh is the South Asia front. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Fergana Valley are the Central Asia front of this conflict. The Korean Peninsula is the East front of the conflict. This front can be extended throughout the Pacific, all the way to Alaska. 


Now the Black Sea is being highlighted as a new front for the East-West showdown. Those provoking Ukraine to reclaim its occupied lands are provoking Russia at the same time. This is actually an effort to form a siege in Turkey’s north. This is why the U.S. moved its warships to the Black Sea (it later decided against this), and the Straits and Montreux are being discussed. 




Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia can determine the world’s axis. 


Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the countries surrounding them are located right at the center of the global geopolitical collapse and re-establishment. These countries’ preferences may shape the earth’s axis. They can format the new state of the world. The relations these countries have among them is critical to the extent that they can even determine the destiny of the world’s central region. 

While Turkey and the world continue to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, they are also preparing against such an ambiguous world. Turkey is one of the countries working the hardest in this area. There is a mobilization, a struggle in every field and in every dimension. 



Those who in favor of the ‘old’ Turkey will not be able to resist this storm. 


The aim is to be resistant against post-pandemic geopolitical tremors and “settle in the heart of the new world” set to be established. This is Turkey’s major objective. 

The greatest showdown is in minds. The severest fight between those striving to maintain the “old world” and those wanting to format the “new world” is in Turkey. In fact, this is the sole reason behind the fight within. 

The opposition, terrorist organizations, pro-tutelage groups, the U.S. and European partnership want to exclude Turkey from this game. Meanwhile, we are marching for the “new world,” for the “new Turkey,” with the mind and claim of centuries. 

The post-pandemic geopolitical wave is going to strike a heavy blow worldwide and on those who are striving to maintain the “old world” in Turkey. They cannot possibly resist this storm. tc-cumhurbaskanligi-forsu.jpg

We are waiting for this. 

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