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The internal siege front will collapse.


When the 2016 coup attack they planned to destroy Turkey from within and doom it once again to the U.S.-Israeli axis failed, they changed their tactic: They would besiege Turkey. 

They would siege it from the zero point of its borders, from land and sea, from countries in the vicinity, doom it to endless internal disputes and conflicts, and thus suffocate it.

They would attack it from northern Syria, northern Iraq, the East Mediterranean, and the Aegean. They were going to corner Turkey from the Balkans, from the Caucasus. They would challenge it through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), through the People’s Protection Units (YPG), through Daesh, but this time states would also directly take to the stage against Turkey. 


‘Hostility camouflaged by partnership’

Turkey’s strategic partner, the U.S., NATO allies, would take action with certain Arab regimes – that are their partners in the region – and terror organizations. Alleged “friendships” and “alliances” would continue, while “hostility camouflaged by partnerships” would be applied. 

Interventions on our longest border, which is with Syria and Iraq, would continue seamlessly. The PKK/YPG would be transformed into an army, and the U.S., our “ally,” would continue to supply them with weapons.

In fact, as the transition from organization to state, and attacks continued, preparations would be made for a “state-to-state war”; large fronts and garrisons would be established, with enough military buildups for armies on our border. 

While all this unfolds, Turkey would be occupied, kept busy, confused, making it impossible to take a stand and redefine relations. Of course, all this would be carried out internally. 


A siege from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean

The siege would continue through the sharing of natural gas resources in the East Mediterranean. A natural gas front would be built from the U.S. to EU countries, from France to Israel; reserve forces from some of the Arab regimes in the region to Greece would also take to the stage, leaving Turkey isolated in the East Mediterranean. 

Thus, the siege from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean would be complete. This would be followed by a crisis in the Aegean, provoking Greece to take control over air space, with military bases established in Greece and on the Aegean islands. This would then lead to a Turk-Greek crisis, connecting it to the siege in the “south” and the East Mediterranean. 

That very siege was being expanded from the Mediterranean to the north, to the Dardanelles and the Bosporus, to the Thrace, towards Turkey’s border with Europe. 


The Black Sea would have transformed into  a battlefield! The issue was never Russia! 

 The crisis was immediately expanded to the Black Sea. The U.S. and the U.K. started to take steps towards turning the Black Sea into a “battlefield” under the guise of fighting Russia. Naval and air force shows of power were transpiring in the Black Sea with the U.S. and Europe against Russia. Meanwhile, U.S. and European military buildups on Greek, Bulgarian, and Romanian territory continued. All these appeared to be aimed at restraining Russia. Yet, for some reason, the buildups and crises completely followed Turkey’s land and maritime borders, surrounding Turkey! 


They even built an Arab front!

It did not stop here. Another step was taken to throw Turkey off balance so that its centuries-old political mind would be prevented from interpreting this clearly and taking action accordingly. 

An anti-Turkey “Arab front” was established under the leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt. This would prevent the perception that the “threat is coming from the West alone”! This is why Muslim countries were being included. This front was founded by the U.S. and Israel. 

It appeared to be a front built against Iran. But it was actually planned to stop Turkey. It fulfilled its mission to a tee. Horrific anti-Turkey sentiment was presented through these countries. Furthermore, all the Arab countries that were affiliated with Turkey were punished through this front. A coup was conducted in Sudan because it gave Turkey a military base. 


The ‘regional siege’ was also ready! Turkey was going to be stopped not by the West, Shiite bloc, but by the Sunni bloc! 

 The “regional siege plan” was implemented through this front. The countries that supported the July 15 attack, especially the UAE, were now financing the opposition and media in Turkey, while also backing terrorist organizations across the region. 

Following the Arab-Iran crisis, the Shiite-Sunni crisis, a Sunni internal conflict plan was in the works. A Sunni bloc was driven against Turkey. Sectarian conflict plots did not suffice; the West wanted more detailed fronts. 

The 2016 coup attempt was not an intervention limited to Turkey alone. It was an intervention on the region’s future. Had it succeeded, Turkey-Russia and Turkey-Iran wars would be launched. Turkey, devastated as a result of these wars would then be a pawn in the hands of the U.S. and Israel anyway. They would have achieved this without any cost or effort. There would have been no need left for any of this. 


Third leg of the plan is to ‘siege Turkey from within’

As the webs were being woven around us from the Iranian border, from the Mediterranean to the Aegean and the Black Sea, as the regional siege was being carried on through the “Arab front,” the inside leg of the plot was also being organized. The plan to “siege Turkey from within” was being prepared in line with all these maneuvers. 

Political parties and terrorist organizations that would never come together under normal circumstances were united under a single roof; a war was launched within; a deceit and fiction operation that would paralyze our nation’s mind was carried out, with this organization replacing the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), thus, continuing July 15. 

The political parties in this organization making the same statements, opposing Turkey on every national matter, this discourse being exactly the same as the theories of those besieging Turkey abroad is painful in terms of our political history. 


What did Turkey do? It destroyed all map plans from the Atlantic to Chinese border. It became a geopolitical giant.

This is the map on their side. 

So, what happened? What did Turkey do? How did the map develop on our end? 

The mind and will that defeated the multinational intervention on July 15, managed to defeat every other attempt that followed. None of their plans, none of their attempts came to fruition. 

All their siege plans from the north of Iraq to Syria, from the East Mediterranean to the Aegean and the Black Sea collapsed. Despite everything they did to stop Turkey, from Libya to Karabakh, from Central Asia to Africa, it all resulted in failure. Turkey won on all fronts, and took the lead. France lost in the Mediterranean, Greece lost in the Aegean, and the Western bloc and Russia lost in Libya. 

Even the “Arab front” they built against Turkey fell apart due to the disputes between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Now both the U.S. and Europe are seeking to take advantage of Turkey’s rising geopolitical success. 

Turkey has now become the most powerful regional determining force in the Middle East. It has become the most dynamic geopolitical actor of the 21st century, from the Balkans to the Chinese border. It has become a “21st century surprise” in every area. 



We are only getting started. The 21st century will witness Turkey’s great march, the surprises of the political mind with centuries of experience. It is exactly at this moment that the West’s anti-Turkey native extension, its front cannot and will not be able to resist against Turkey or the 21st century’s great power shift. 

Those who failed on July 15, whose every project from then on collapsed, those who could not stop “Turkey’s rise,” will never ever be successful in any other project either. They will not even have as many opportunities and the strength as they have today. 

The internal siege front will collapse as well. We will watch it unfold together. 

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