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Talk of nuclear weapons



They haven't even stomached Turkey acquiring S-400, now comes 117039285_347680763302585_3541849456098328455_n-034.jpg

Among intense showdowns in the Gulf, the fear spread on the assassination anniversary of Qassem Soleimani, and U.S. deployment of heavy bombardment aircraft and troops in the region, the most critical of Iran’s series of open threats, primarily against the U.S. and Israel, along with certain Middle East countries, was its announcement to the International Atomic Energy Agency that it would start enriching Uranium by 20 percent.

The process that developed with the U.S.’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement between Iran and P5+1 countries, the U.S. imposing sanctions against Tehran, and thus leading to the disdain of signatory countries, in addition to the assassinations of Soleimani and Fakhrezadeh, drove Iran to this decision. As a matter of fact, at a time when Donald Trump is leaving office and Joe Biden, who is expected to develop smoother relations with Tehran, is counting down the days to taking office.

Thus, the discussions made back in the day regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities have been brought up once again. Sessions concerning its technical and political aspects will take much longer. However, while nuclear weapons are at the focus of global reality, a nuclear-like opinion article was launched from India straight at Turkey.


The analysis published Jan. 2 on Indian Zee News TV channel's website includes lengthy content emphasizing that Turkey wants to buy nuclear weapons and missile technology from Pakistan, that systematic operations between the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Pakistan military, and between Turkish and Pakistani scientists are ongoing, and that this is dangerous for the whole region. Needless to say, the analysis reeks of squealing. (‘Turkey-Pakistan in top-level discussion over nuclear weapon program’, 02/01.)

It must first be noted that this text was meticulously thought out – but most likely not by its authors. The old meetings, names and explanations stated were “provided” by certain sources. In other words, it was written according to minute instructions. (It is obvious that a certain group in India has a share in this article, but there is foreign contribution as well. Those are, once again, our “usual suspects”!) Do not be fooled, this is not top secret information. They are all developments that were both written and interpreted in Turkey at the time they occurred.

For example, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in September 2019, “Some have nuclear-head missiles. But I won't have it. I refuse this.” These words were discussed by numerous columnists (including myself) and experts. There is also the emphasis on the official meetings between Turkey and Pakistan. If these were all placed in chronological order, it would seem like something fishy is going on. Thus, this is not a secret or something to be surprised about.

However, what is odd in all this is that we are not used to seeing articles from India that persecute Turkey so harshly. Hence, this is a clue showing that “if the smoke is coming from that direction,” we must wonder where the fire started.


According to them, the nuclear relations between Pakistan and Turkey has another primary point. China! In other words, the nuclear cooperation and, in fact, the “tools and parts” come from China to Pakistan, and then deployed to Turkey. They have a way station and that is Iran.

India is extremely irritated by relations between China and Pakistan. It feels trapped by the two countries, and its own relations with its counterparts are yet to set in. It does not seem to get along with Russia or the U.S. The Indian article also brings to mind the CAATSA sanctions imposed on Turkey - as if to say, “There’s this too,” as if did not line up at Russia’s door to buy the S-400 missiles. It forgets how it changed its tune in accordance with the U.S.’s attitude toward Ankara.

Let us walk on thin ice again: the analysis came 48 hours before Saudi Arabia and Qatar thawed their ties and the embargo on Doha was lifted. Saudi Arabia is another country that is not happy with the rapprochement between China and Pakistan. As a matter of fact, Pakistan closing its debt with China’s mediation was the icing on the cake. Pakistan’s valuable position in the region was whetting the appetite of Israel and the UAE through Saudi Arabia. The latest steps taken between Pakistan and Iran must also be noted. New border gates and passages connecting to the ports cause fear.

Whenever someone in the region says “nuclear,” Israel always takes it personally. Energy routes and direct oil relations with India are like trump cards for these countries.

The China-Pakistan-Iran-Turkey line is being drawn implicitly after all, and its significance is reiteratre to the “relevant” parties. Meanwhile, along the vertical line, Russia-Turkey-Azerbaijan and in fact Armenia are being connected to Iran. Amid the series of hearsays that Ankara and Tel Aviv are working towards mending relations, let us also remember the gossip that Baku is acting as the mediator.

Now… the Jerusalem Post article that was published on the same day as the Zee News report completes the other half of this “tip off.” Based on “Turkey's likelihood of fooling the U.S.,” it is waving to the Biden administration saying: “Ankara says, ‘We are with the U.S.; all our initiatives in the region are in the interests of the U.S. and against Russia.’ This is not right. Turkey and Russia are collaborating to exclude the U.S.”

In conclusion, the Indian report is a sham. But the mastermind of the report and the nature of the smear campaign are important. This is the new propaganda spread by the alliance of “the disturbed.”

As for the nuclear weapon matter, my personal view is that it is needed! Does it require proper timing? Of course. Do not pay any attention to those asking, “What are you saying?”

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