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Land of Big Hopes


They are still waiting with hope that Turkey will re-enter the U.S. axis.

They are still dreaming that Turkey will be imprisoned in the West bloc in the 21st century.

They still identify Turkey as a “front country,” an “undertaker country,” a “garrison country.” They are unable to localize Turkey’s perception; they are unable to produce a definition for their own country and surrender to foreign definitions instead.

They are still seeking Turkey’s future in the EU and European capitals, in tutelage power domains to be ordained by them, and in their protection and mercy.

Their minds, hearts are foreign to Turkey.

They still think the Atlantic front is the center of the universe. They are afraid to stray away from that center. They are unable to detach themselves from them. They cannot set their minds or hearts in favor of Turkey and the region.

They still fail to comprehend that our country, our nation, our identity and values, our political gene, our great history heritage, our region-building strength can return to great horizons again, make great claims, and build a great country.

They are still unable to perceive the steps taken in the last two decades, the march that was launched, the level reached, the power that is capable of extending from the zero point of our borders all the way to the most distant points of the region, the will and struggle that is carrying Turkey to the world’s center.

They’re poisoning our minds through ‘conscious betrayal,’ attacking from within.

They are still working towards slowing down and stopping Turkey through lack of self-confidence or conscious betrayal, to doom it to internal conflicts, to consume its energy and gains in internal fights, and surrender it to former pro-tutelage groups in a desperate and miserable state.

They are still firing bullets at their own country with the instructions they receive from the U.S., from EU countries. They are attacking from within and striving to implement their internal conflict theories.

They are still provoking all areas of weakness. They are exploiting weaknesses. They are playing with nerve ends. They are poisoning minds. They are investing in a miserable country with evil plots and lies.

They’re attacking recklessly, despicably, like hyenas.

Their recklessness, ruthlessness, and despicableness know no bounds. They are attacking like hyenas, with great hostility, rage and a desire to exact revenge against anything and everything that belongs to Turkey, that will increase our country’s power, that is aimed to benefit our country.

They are still acting like a single siege front from within and outside. They are providing internal support to those striking from the south, those firing from the West, and those attacking from the East. They are opening from within all doors so the attacks on Turkey from all directions succeed. They show the address and set a target.

Terrorists executing in Gara, while they’re doing same within.

They are still attacking everyone who is fighting for Turkey, who has their heart and mind devoted to their country, who is happy and grieves for their country, who have devoted their life and efforts to their country. They are trying to weaken them, end them, destroy them.

They do not want anybody left resisting and fighting for Turkey. They are striving to eliminate the country’s resistance islands, to break Anatolia’s will, and paralyze its empire-building political mind.

We see examples of this almost weekly – in fact, daily. We are witnessing examples of a systematic operation, plan and service. We now know where these plots are made, from where they emerge.

Last two events: They spread happiness for US, animosity for Turkey. They’re competing to whitewash terrorism.

For example, the last two events: Turkey’s announcement of its decade-long Space Program, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) torture and execution of 13 of our citizens in Gara.

They applauded the U.S., China, and in fact, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) operations, and attacked Turkey’s hopes. They attacked its efforts to build a space port and reach the Moon.

We’ve come face to face with the most despicable act of terrorism in Gara. They are all in a race to attack Turkey, the state, the nation, and whitewash the PKK. Let alone the strict ideological terrorist groups, even the country’s opposition parties and leaders are racing to whitewash terrorism.

Nowhere else in the world can there be a circle that shows so much hostility to the country in which they live. No country can sow this much tolerance and understanding to those who attack from their midst. Those openly attacking Turkey have long run thin the country and nation’s patience.

Never again! You will get used to it.

Yet, Turkey will never again go under tutelage. It will not be a subservient country. It will not surrender to colonial powers. It will not get into a one-sided dependence relationship. It will not heed Western capitals’ instructions and threats from their media.

It will never again be a front country or hitman for the U.S. or Europe. It will not identify itself with their words. It will not be confined to their definitions of Turkey, definitions of the region, their internal power definitions, strategic value definitions, war and peace definitions, as well as their hypocritical democracy and freedom definitions.

We will no longer entrust them with our minds.

We will never again be an extension to the West’s war against the Islamic world or other countries and regions. We will never pull the trigger in their name, and fight with their bullets against our own people, history, region and political understanding.

We will never again surrender to the political design plans under the West’s supervision, to their power structuring, to their economic controls, military and intelligence governance, social disintegration projects, terrorism, security concept, and their perception of the world and the region.

Settling in the center of the region, world.

Regardless of how much they siege from outside, how much they attack from within, Turkey is building its own presence. It is set on settling in the center of the world and region.

Turkey, with its welfare and internal peace, regional solidarity, is fighting in the league of the greatest, is preparing its claims and aims in accordance with this, and directing its operations and experience in this direction.

From now on, Turkey, the nation, border, the past and future will be defined through our own terms and statements. We will never abandon ourselves to the ruthlessness of foreign words and definitions.

Intellectual leap in politics, geopolitics economy: Turkey will do it.

We all know now that the U.S. is no longer the world’s axis. We know that it cannot singlehandedly control the world, that new power blocs have formed, that the global power domain is divided, and that the coarse colonial heritage has ended for Turkey.

We discovered that venturing out to new centers, new destinations around the world is an obligation for us, that this has provided an extraordinary power domain for Turkey, and that Turkey can achieve this through intellectual leaps in the economy and geopolitics.

Disciplining through terrorism, stopping from outside, forcing to kneel from within.

From now on, those wanting to discipline Turkey through terrorism, wanting to make it surrender through the economy, corner it through military security threats, wanting to corner it from the south and west, and those cooperating with them and attacking within are in for great surprises.

From now on, every attack by the “stop from outside, force to kneel from within” alliance is going to further strengthen Turkey, boost its speed and power of resistance, show its weaknesses to compensate for them, make it bridge any gaps and further tighten its fists.

This is a centuries-long plan, destiny of region. Our claim is great.

All this is because what is happening, the struggle, the showdown is not limited to Turkey. It is not limited to the present history. It is a centuries-old plan. It is the region’s destiny. It is a part of the world’s new state.

It is because the claim is great, the goals are major. It is great to the extent that it cannot be sacrificed to terrorist organizations, to those who have given into their personal political ambitions, and to groups that are hung up on their gains.

It is because Turkey has started the “great powers” competition. Its fights, goals and struggles are all on this scale. This is where those who have small plans are mistaken. All balances with their bosses, masters are closed.

‘Country of Great Hopes’: Everything is on the table now…

This is a new stage of ascension, and it is also a history-transforming, map-changing power leap. This is the case because everything is on the table. It will suffice for those playing this dangerous game inside to understand this alone.

Regardless of what anyone does, Turkey is now the “Country of Great Hopes.” This will be achieved, whether they like it or not. Because history and power have returned to its rightful owners. It will be impossible to turn this back for another century.554x554resized_c96e6-6da74b9aauthor4.png

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