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Did they instruct you to 'topple Erdoğan, become a hero'?


The real “ambassador crisis” is going to rear its head in Turkey very soon. It is not premature to say that critical tensions will mount before 2023, and through the new U.S. ambassador to Ankara at that. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s decision to expel the 10 Western ambassadors who openly threatened Turkey, serving it with a “declaration” for Osman Kavala, shook a project that was launched systematically. It led to a shock effect. 

We had witnessed the president’s determination on the issue, his extraordinary sensitivity where Turkey is concerned during the interview on his return flight from Africa. He demanded that the process leading to their declaration as “persona non grata” be started immediately. 


There was no doubt about their removal. They started packing their bags

But the ambassadors had to fall back “immediately.” They hastily released a statement. The same person who demanded the threatening declaration be released also organized the motion to step back.  

Their acts were based on a time-trusted cliché. It was their custom to give instructions, orders, re-calibrate the state, and intervene in the country’s internal affairs in cooperation with their domestic partners. 

But Turkey is no longer the country of those clichés.  Turkey has become a sovereign and influence more “dominant” than even the whole of the EU. It recognizes the U.S.’s internal weaknesses. Ever since it became aware of this, it has been fighting its old influence teams “in our midst.” 

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said yesterday: “We have started the expulsion process of those ambassadors on our president’s instruction. We were going to present it to Cabinet on Monday. Panic ensued after our president’s speech. There were even certain ambassadors who packed their bags.” 


Beware of Turkey’s main opposition leader! 

The ground is currently calm, and the result is as follows: 

You cannot play games with Turkey. You won’t give up, this we know, but you will be disappointed time and again with firm responses.

The fact that the ambassadors’ “operation” attempt and the political opposition’s agenda fully correspond requires great emphasis. This is an urgent and critical matter. 

The messages from Turkey’s own opposition and those from U.S. groups turning into a surprising common discourse, an exhaustive joint stance for Turkey, and targeting the country and nation’s sacred values highlighted a major and imminent threat. 

This is the pursuit for a “non-political phenomenon” ahead of 2023. Especially Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s open attack on Turkey’s values and its political legacy reveals this danger. 


Political homicides... Danger is close 

He only added fuel to the fire of his irresponsible statements such as, “Political homicides are possible,” by launching an out-of-control and perilous game, a “new operation” implying that he will be attacked, and that this will be connected to the president. 

Kılıçdaroğlu is not engaging in politics. He is playing a game with the state, the nation, and the country. He is attacking national security and sensitivities much beyond the scope of politics. He is doing this incessantly. 

Why would someone do this? Why would he attempt such mad provocations? To win the elections? To become president? For political gain? 

Yet, the rival, the threat that will end his political career is right beside him, within his party, among his mayors. If only he were to consider how Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu ascended to his current position, he would realize that he has been cast as an extra in this scenario. 

Clearly, this alone is not the issue. Hence, it is obvious that he will further provoke matters. 


A new boss is coming to the opposition. Threats started before he set foot in the country 

The ambassador crisis is not over. A new “boss,” who will prompt and control the administration, is on his way. 

That is when you will start noticing the covert operations within Turkey. U.S. President Joe Biden’s nominee for ambassador to Ankara, Jeff Flake, was approved by the Senate. In other words, he will be coming. 

Flake did not lose any time, threatening Turkey and Erdoğan as soon as he was nominated, before even being appointed as ambassador. He warned Ankara, saying, “Any purchase of additional Russian weapons will result in additional sanctions. We will hold Turkey responsible.”  

He used terms like, “The Erdoğan regime.” He said, “oppression” and “democratic backsliding,” adding, “Our relations with Turkey are facing deep challenges.” He sent signals to Turkey’s opposition. He instilled hope in terror partners. 


Did they instruct you to 'topple Erdoğan, become a hero'? 

 I wrote the following in a previous column: 

Will they be sending you here as a “colony governor”? Is that what they whispered to you? Did they say, “Go and topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; become a hero”?  

Did they say, “Join forces with FETÖ, the PKK, and the alliance we built in the country and finish this by 2023”? Did they say, “Conduct a coup, break out a civil war, and network anti-Erdoğan groups”?  

Did they say, “Bring Turkey into line again, turn it into Syria”? Did they say, “Stop Turkey, and if you cannot stop it, suffocate it through terrorism”? So, Mr. Flake, is the “coup process,” which Biden refers to by saying, “We will back the opposition and oust Erdoğan,” be relaunched with you?  

Will you be setting off bombs in our cities again?! We get it, you are coming to implement plans of internal conflict for 2023. But the global colonial era is over, fool! 

Remember Edelman. He didn’t last either and left, Mr. Flake. You are coming armed. But just as you come, so you shall leave!


Political homicide, terror, coup. He’s coming to build a network

This is exactly what it is. Just watch Kılıçdaroğlu and see what he will do. The ambassador crisis is over for now. A new operation is in store. They are all preparing for this. 

Everything necessary for the “final intervention,” from political homicides to terrorism, from covert operations to new coup attempts, from economic attacks to political chaos, will be done. 

The new U.S. ambassador is coming to build a network here. He is coming to design the opposition. All signs of the operation can be followed through Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements. 


‘Extraordinary’ intervention, ‘extraordinary’ responses

But Turkey is more than strong enough to foil these dirty, these bloody intervention plots. 

The issue is no longer politics. The matter has now turned into an attempt to attack the country’s integrity, the nation’s unity, the region’s security, and Turkey’s future. 

Every country has the right to give “extraordinary responses” to “extraordinary interventions”! And receive they will this response. Hopefully, the necessary lesson has been learned from the ambassador crisis. 745a1bd6-6b36-488d-97db-f6ee3bceb833.jpeg

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