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A secret network, a dark partnership is unfolding.


A new coup coalition, network, formation has been prepared in the U.S. as the “Democracy in Turkey Project.” A new anti-Recep Tayyip Erdoğan front has been established. A new democracy and human rights imperialism desk, an “intervention in Turkey” team has been formed.


Another mission made to complete what they failed to accomplish during the 2016 coup has been launched. New headquarters, which will be the center where all sorts of dirty dealings – including coups, foreign intervention, civil war, ethnic and sectarian conflicts – will be launched, has been activated.




They are the ones responsible for numerous bloody, disgraceful operations!


All those who lost, those who suffered one defeat after another against Turkey, have converged and launched the “Turkish Democracy Project.” This pro-tutelage American interventionism project is aimed at “not leaving Turkey to its own devices,” a country that is recognized as “one of the world’s most important geopolitical powers.”


We know all about these organizations. Dozens of such organizations have been formed since the 1990s. Together with their inside agents, they carried out numerous disgraceful operations in Turkey and the region. Extremely dirty operations were conducted through these organizations, veiled by all the concepts used in the last three decades, including “democracy, freedoms, security, and Islamist terrorism.”





From the 2013 intervention to 2016 coup in Turkey: FETÖ, US/Israel far-right, PKK partnership. You are all terrorists!


All of those who have assembled under the “Democracy in Turkey Project” are perpetrators of the 2013 intervention, the July 15 coup attempt, the global “war against Islam” project, the terrorist attacks within Turkey, the attacks aimed at Turkey during the Euphrates Shield operation in Syria and the operations that followed it, the civilian massacres conducted by detonating bombs on Istanbul and Ankara’s streets… If we were to include the entire list, all the dirty and bloody plans made in the last three decades would be exposed.


The first thing that draws attention on the organization’s website at first glance is the partnership between the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), neocons, the Israeli far-right, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). This is just the tip of the iceberg. They also have partners inside Turkey: the opposition parties, capital groups, as well as those who launder money and then use this money to fund coups and internal operations in Turkey and finance terrorism.



A secret network, a dark partnership


Looking at the founding figures and their team members, you see the following picture: Those who killed 1 million people in Iraq and those who drenched Turkey in blood on July 15, 2016, those who destroyed Afghanistan and those who shipped thousands of truckloads of weapons to the PKK, those who controlled torture centers in Abu Ghraib and Bagram and those who withdrew their soldiers from Turkey’s southern border on July 15, leaving the country defenseless, those who planned an assassination on Erdoğan in Marmaris, and those who established a political party-terror partnership front within are all in it together.


Do you think FETÖ and the PKK are the only partners involved in this organization, this preparation? Insanely catastrophic relations are being revealed. Besides Turkey’s known enemies, their secret partners and the war carried on within are being discovered. A secret network, a dark partnership, from politics to media, from capital groups to civil society organizations, is being discovered.




An association of miscreants: Alliance of the shameless, a bloody-handed front.


An association of miscreants, an alliance made up of the shameless, a bloody handed front waged a new war set to take under control Turkey, bring us into line and, if they have enough strength, to purge.


Once you see the world’s dirtiest and bloodiest name there, the mentally disabled, sick soul John Bolton, everything becomes crystal clear anyway. He is giving “alarm” signals for Turkey. He is making calls to oust Erdoğan.


All of Turkey’s enemies, from George Bush’s brother Jeb Bush to FETÖ terrorist Aykan Erdemir, for him there is a warrant for arrest, as well as representatives of the far-right Jewish institutions in the U.S., have converged under a single roof. There are also the unseen partners – as well as the partners in Dubai.




A new attack plan targeting Erdoğan has been launched


The accusations listed in all of the organization’s texts concerning Turkey consist of nonsense, delusional, animosity and hostility filled statements, ranging from, “Turkey backed Azerbaijan in Karabakh, discriminating against Armenians” to, “Erdoğan’s support to Palestine is anti-Semitic.”


President Erdoğan is the direct target. They are focused on the “Oust Erdoğan, stop Turkey” objective at any cost. By accusing him of authoritarianism, moving away from democracy, keeping the West at bay, which pull a veil over every despicability, they launched a new attack plan targeting Erdoğan.




What’s that? Is a new US-NATO intervention in the works?


Those who turned the countries and cities in our region into a wreck, slaughtered millions, undermined our values and identities for the last three decades, those who organized the “21st-Century Crusader Attacks” have taken action once again.


They launched an ignorant, foolish, desperate, and despicable campaign under the guise of democracy aimed at dooming Turkey to the U.S. axis again, ousting the current administration, resetting the major geopolitical steps taken in recent years, punishing anybody who opposes this, mobilizing the U.S. in this direction, and if necessary, ensuring a foreign intervention in Turkey under the name of “democracy.”




They want to ‘oust Erdoğan, suffocate Turkey within’


All of Turkey’s traitors have gathered there. They collated all dirty plans, whether they be old or new, concerning Turkey. They are calling on all enemies of Turkey in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Turkey itself.


They are spreading the messages, “Come, let us oust Erdoğan,” “Come, let us take Turkey under control,” “Come, let us stop and destroy Turkey,” “Come, let us keep this country away from the Mediterranean, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Karabakh, and the Aegean” and “Let us suffocate it from the inside.”


They will fail miserably. They will not achieve anything. They have faced defeat upon defeat in the last five years. They will be defeated once again. They will be humiliated. This preparation indicates something much more critical.




Is this organization cooperating with the CHP? Did it give CHP chairman Kılıçdaroğlu a list? Who is ensuring the connection between?


I am simply asking a question and seeking an answer: Are these operations cooperating with Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu? Or are they cooperating with other political parties? We already know that the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), the PKK and FETÖ are involved. But the subject of relations with political parties signifies something else.


Who is ensuring the ties between these political groups; whose entire struggle is it to oust Erdoğan with the support received from the U.S. and Europe?


Is this a preparation for a new attack both from within and abroad? Are we not going to ask those saying, “Get ready, we will come to power in six months,” “Who promised you this”? What sort of list has been given to Kılıçdaroğlu, who said, “When we come to power, we are not going to pay any of the companies supporting Canal Istanbul, and we are going to stop the project,” and who prepared this list? Can’t we ponder? Can’t we find this out?





Who would fund this operation? Who is involved in the money traffic?


Yes, all those with blood on their hands have gathered under the roof of the “Democracy in Turkey Project.” This is clear. We know who they are and what they want to do. But we are more curious about the insiders cooperating with them, and who is acting upon the signals sent from the U.S. and Europe.


This needs to be revealed! The money laundering carried out to finance these operations should be revealed! Is the Sezgin Baran Korkmaz matter an issue concerning journalists only? What sort of operation was being funded in Turkey, and who was directing Korkmaz’s money and relations traffic within?


There are many more questions. The million-dollar kind.




The plan is to destroy Turkey by 2023. This country’s children will defeat you


They will never again have enough strength, but this formation and others like it are preparing a new storm. They are carrying on a new psychological operation for a coup and intervention. They are preparing a destruction plan that will be implemented by 2023.


We will defeat you. The patriots of this country, the children of Anatolia will defeat you once more. We are constantly talking about the comeback of history and the region. They are yet to comprehend this. But they will! The bloody organizations in the U.S. and their native agents will understand eventually!

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